Friday, October 1, 2004

Top surgery is on the calendar...

The boobs are coming off January 11th, and it's going to be a family affair. My mom, my girlfriend, possibly my father and who knows who else are all trooping down to Baltimore to take care of business. what does this business entail, you may ask?

so I'm going down to see Dr. Beverly fisher just outside of Baltimore. I've heard good things about from other people so I made an appointment. I had to pay a 10% deposit of a $6800 cost upfront to schedule the appointment and I'll be paying the rest sometime in December.

the type of surgery I'm getting is double incision. what happens is a cut is made below the breast along the line of the pectoral. all the excess tissue and skin is removed through this cut and then I'm stitched back up. my nipples will then be grafted back on in a more boy like placement. after the surgery is complete my mom, girlfriend and i will be hanging out in a hotel nearby so we can go back to the care facility regularly to get my bandages changed as well as seeing all lovely suburban Baltimore has to offer from the comfort of my hotel room. after that it's back to Brooklyn where I'll continue to recover for who knows how long.
i had to quit smoking for this surgery otherwise there may be certain complications like my nipples falling off. that was incentive enough, but not smoking also promotes faster healing, among other things.

as the countdown continues i get more and more excited. now that all the forms have been filled out, the therapist's letter has been written, the surgery clearance appointment has been made all there is left to do is wait.